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David’s Track Bike

12. Jan, 2010 David’s Track Bike

See full set at flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bishopbikes/

Alvin Drysdale Tribute

06. Jan, 2010 Alvin Drysdale Tribute

1930's track tribute.

Gilco Track Bike

20. Dec, 2009 Gilco Track Bike

Columbus Gilco fluted steel tubing, fillet brazed.

1% Track with bad ass paint

15. Dec, 2009 1% Track with bad ass paint

  Translating a complex idea into a pleasant looking finished product can be one of the ...

Raw Bone

15. Dec, 2009 Raw Bone


15. Dec, 2009 Pista

Ti Pista w/ split drop out for Belt Ti Pista Style Fork Ti Seatpost Ti ...

Clockwork Track

15. Dec, 2009 Clockwork Track

Columbus Spirit for Lugs steel tubing track bike.

The Bone

03. Dec, 2009 The Bone

The technique we use to textures the stainless lugs has been completely ...

Mini Track Tandem

30. Jul, 2009 Mini Track Tandem

I built this mini track tandem for a program that teaches kids ...

Firecracker fixed gear

03. Jul, 2009 Firecracker fixed gear

The Firecracker was conceived as a celebration to Chinese New Year during ...

Michelle Dykstra’s Track Bike

03. Jul, 2009 Michelle Dykstra’s Track Bike

Columbus and Reynolds tubing, fillet brazed and Integrated Seat Mast.

Alan Jones’ Track Bike

03. Jul, 2009 Alan Jones’ Track Bike

Columbus and Reynolds steel, fillet brazed. Integrated Seat Mast.