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Nick’s Singlespeed

12. Jan, 2010 Nick’s Singlespeed

Katana SS

15. Dec, 2009 Katana SS

  The Katana SS represents a decade of refinement in design and construction. Every ...

Thickit SS

15. Dec, 2009 Thickit SS

  21lbs Same geometry as the Katana Made stronger and stiffer for all the real bruisers out there without ...

Goyo’s 650b singlespeed

28. Nov, 2009 Goyo’s 650b singlespeed

I had the opportunity to create a custom bike for Goyo in ...

Engin 29er

17. Sep, 2009 Engin 29er

Engin NAHBS ‘09 29er

16. Sep, 2009 Engin NAHBS ‘09 29er

650B Belt Drive Bomber

27. Aug, 2009 650B Belt Drive Bomber

Beyond the tall grasses and tattered barbed wire fence sat a fuselage ...

Polka Dot Bigwheel

27. Aug, 2009 Polka Dot Bigwheel

What the heck... a fun painted 29er for the kid in all ...


24. Aug, 2009 METRO’

Retrotec Triple

19. Aug, 2009 Retrotec Triple

Tom’s Commuter

06. Jul, 2009 Tom’s Commuter

Tom's commuter is designed as a fixed gear / singlespeed. His requirement ...