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Signature Tourlite

14. Jan, 2010 Signature Tourlite

Columbus XCR Stainless

Stellar Red

15. Dec, 2009 Stellar Red

Ti Commuter w/ Rolhoff Ti Faith Fork Ti Stem Ti Bar Ti Integrated Rack

Moustache Road

15. Dec, 2009 Moustache Road

Columbus Spirit for Lugs steel tubing.

Sol Vista

15. Dec, 2009 Sol Vista

Womens Specific Touring Bike Break apart ti frame to fit in S&S case Integrated ...

Strong Frames Custom Blend Steel Cross/Dirt Road

25. Nov, 2009 Strong Frames Custom Blend Steel Cross/Dirt Road

Custom Blend Cyclocross/Dirt Road Bike

JP’s Cinnamon Girl

03. Oct, 2009 JP’s Cinnamon Girl

This is another randonneuse I built for an ancien (grand randonnée veteran). ...

YiPsan Rando

09. Sep, 2009 YiPsan Rando

Paved or dirt, rain or dry, you can take the YiPsan Rando ...

Paul’s Coho

04. Sep, 2009 Paul’s Coho

I supplied the frame and fork and Paul built this nice road ...

Purple Roadster Tourer

03. Jul, 2009 Purple Roadster Tourer

Custom Steel frame, fork, and tall clamp stem. All powder coated "Barney ...