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Mark’s Randonneuse

08. Feb, 2010 Mark’s Randonneuse

Some of the guys are getting tall these days and I do ...

Chris’s BC Coho

16. Jan, 2010 Chris’s BC Coho

This is Chris's British Columbia, Coho Randonneuse.  I sent Chris the frame, ...

Ben’s Randonneuse

03. Jan, 2010 Ben’s Randonneuse

Ben's color pick inspired my choice for the Blue Paisano.  A lot ...

West Coast Randonneuse

26. Dec, 2009 West Coast Randonneuse

This is a San Francisco Bay Area Coho style randonneuse.

Bob’s Randonneuse

24. Oct, 2009 Bob’s Randonneuse

Here's Bob out on a brevet with his Coho Randonneuse.