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650B All Road

01. Feb, 2010 650B All Road

650B all road, clearance for 2.0" mountain bike tires. Or any smooth ...

YiPsan 650b mountain

18. Jan, 2010 YiPsan 650b mountain

Single speed or geared. Room for 2.3" tires. Full rigid. Simple, fun ...


18. Jan, 2010 29er

Katana SS

15. Dec, 2009 Katana SS

  The Katana SS represents a decade of refinement in design and construction. Every ...

Thickit SS

15. Dec, 2009 Thickit SS

  21lbs Same geometry as the Katana Made stronger and stiffer for all the real bruisers out there without ...

Mike’s Rattler 650b

28. Nov, 2009 Mike’s Rattler 650b

Mike requested a unique travel bike for his world wide adventures...both in ...

Strong Frames Titanium MTB

25. Nov, 2009 Strong Frames Titanium MTB

Titanium Freeride Bike

Engin 29er

17. Sep, 2009 Engin 29er

Engin NAHBS ‘09 29er

16. Sep, 2009 Engin NAHBS ‘09 29er

Galway 650b Beer Bike

16. Jul, 2009 Galway 650b Beer Bike

Designed as an all-day trail bike. The "beer bike" incorporates 650b ...

S&S coupled Bigwheel

09. Jul, 2009 S&S coupled Bigwheel

This custom 29er was built to be the ultimate every day trail ...