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Mark’s Randonneuse

08. Feb, 2010 Mark’s Randonneuse

Some of the guys are getting tall these days and I do ...

Wes’s New Longrider

05. Feb, 2010 Wes’s New Longrider

Wes, a Paris-Brest-Paris ancien, needed a new frame for brevets and decided ...

650B All Road

01. Feb, 2010 650B All Road

650B all road, clearance for 2.0" mountain bike tires. Or any smooth ...

Chris’s BC Coho

16. Jan, 2010 Chris’s BC Coho

This is Chris's British Columbia, Coho Randonneuse.  I sent Chris the frame, ...

Signature Tourlite 753

06. Jan, 2010 Signature Tourlite 753

Stainless Henry James Lugs.

Artisan Tinker Tandem

06. Jan, 2010 Artisan Tinker Tandem

Best tandem at NAHBS 2009.

Bob’s All-Road Coho

06. Jan, 2010 Bob’s All-Road Coho

This bicycle belongs to a different Bob than the Bob on the ...

Ben’s Randonneuse

03. Jan, 2010 Ben’s Randonneuse

Ben's color pick inspired my choice for the Blue Paisano.  A lot ...

The Blue Paisano

03. Jan, 2010 The Blue Paisano

This bicycle is one of my buddies.  We've ridden 200Ks, surprised a ...

West Coast Randonneuse

26. Dec, 2009 West Coast Randonneuse

This is a San Francisco Bay Area Coho style randonneuse.

The Bone

03. Dec, 2009 The Bone

The technique we use to textures the stainless lugs has been completely ...