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YiPsan 650b mountain

18. Jan, 2010 YiPsan 650b mountain

Single speed or geared. Room for 2.3" tires. Full rigid. Simple, fun ...

Signature Tourlite

14. Jan, 2010 Signature Tourlite

Columbus XCR Stainless

Artisan Porteur

06. Jan, 2010 Artisan Porteur

Polished stainless lugs and couplers, custom demountable rack, 650b wheels and Rohlaff

Artisan Ultralite

06. Jan, 2010 Artisan Ultralite

Custom fabricated polished stainless dropouts with customer initials.

Alvin Drysdale Tribute

06. Jan, 2010 Alvin Drysdale Tribute

1930's track tribute.

1% Track with bad ass paint

15. Dec, 2009 1% Track with bad ass paint

  Translating a complex idea into a pleasant looking finished product can be one of the ...