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Thickit SS

15. Dec, 2009 Thickit SS

  21lbs Same geometry as the Katana Made stronger and stiffer for all the real bruisers out there without ...

Katana SS

15. Dec, 2009 Katana SS

  The Katana SS represents a decade of refinement in design and construction. Every ...

1% Track with bad ass paint

15. Dec, 2009 1% Track with bad ass paint

  Translating a complex idea into a pleasant looking finished product can be one of the ...

Raw Bone

15. Dec, 2009 Raw Bone

The Bone

03. Dec, 2009 The Bone

The technique we use to textures the stainless lugs has been completely ...

Villin Cycle Works

30. Nov, 2009 Villin Cycle Works

Villin Cycle Works started in 2001. Then, president and CEO Alexis ...