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Signature Tourlite

14. Jan, 2010 Signature Tourlite

Columbus XCR Stainless

Artisan Porteur

06. Jan, 2010 Artisan Porteur

Polished stainless lugs and couplers, custom demountable rack, 650b wheels and Rohlaff

Artisan Ultralite

06. Jan, 2010 Artisan Ultralite

Custom fabricated polished stainless dropouts with customer initials.


06. Jan, 2010 Chuckwagon

Hand pin-striping, Custom rack made to attach child seat

Deluxe Tinker Tandem

06. Jan, 2010 Deluxe Tinker Tandem

Fillet brazed, Rohloff, 26 inch wheels

Signature Tourlite 753

06. Jan, 2010 Signature Tourlite 753

Stainless Henry James Lugs.

Artisan Tinker Tandem

06. Jan, 2010 Artisan Tinker Tandem

Best tandem at NAHBS 2009.

Alvin Drysdale Tribute

06. Jan, 2010 Alvin Drysdale Tribute

1930's track tribute.

Pinarello Restoration

06. Jan, 2010 Pinarello Restoration

Full Repaint and decal restoration.

S and S Coupler Retrofit

06. Jan, 2010 S and S Coupler Retrofit

Waterford with stainless lugs.

Bilenky Cycle Works

05. Jan, 2010 Bilenky Cycle Works

Bilenky Cycle Works is a happy, dirty place that turns out exquisite ...