sylvan cycles, llc

sylvan cycles, llc

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“drop-dead gorgeous, a blast to ride, and green by design”

Sylvan Cycles makes innovative, beautiful, high-performance bicycles from sustainable wood composite materials. Our proprietary wood composite technology enables us to engineer frames that bring together a rare combination of performance, ride quality, and sustainability. Or as a customer puts it: “drop-dead gorgeous, a blast to ride, and green by design” We skillfully combine local, sustainably harvested materials, bio-sourced resin adhesives and stainless steel with a level of craft and artistry that reflects our backgrounds as framebuilders, luthiers, and cabinetmakers. Sylvan offers a complete line of bicycles and framesets, from road through mountain, to your daily commuter ride. Sylvan Cycles, llc is based in Amherst, Massachusetts. Sylvan was founded by John Fabel and Sam Kelley, and has a wonderfully expanding tribe of partners, including master fabricators George Combs and Mike Gerulitas.

Sylvan was formed from a love of bicycles combined with expertise in green materials, grounded in a long history of bicycle design and innovation. For example, John had the chance to work with bicycle design iconoclast Mike Burrow in the early 1980’s, and past bicycle related projects include helping to develop the Xtracycle, panniers for Madden, a patented electric drive system, and so on. Master welder George Combs began welding frames for Mongoose in the 1970’s, and has since made hundreds of frames. Master craftsman Sam Kelley is noted for his work with green materials and structural timberframe design. Sustainable design and socially-responsible business practice have also been long been driving themes in our work, and includes pioneering examples of sustainable product design and business practice.

“Using Bicycles to Go Places…”

Sylvan also comes out of our love and concern for the places we ride, and what kind of world we’re all bringing forward. In the big picture, we see both bicycles and businesses as potentially powerful tools for change. Sustainable design and socially-responsible business practice have repeatedly been driving themes in our work, and Sylvan is a continuing arc in this trajectory. If we are going to head in a more sustainable direction, how do we actually do it? As such Sylvan is not just about beautiful bicycles, but also about finding ways forward, and creating touchable, workable and delightful examples of the possible.