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Posted on 28. Feb, 2010 by Paul Skilbeck in 2010 News

RuePrescott, AZ based Ruegamer Sports boasts some of the lightest frame sets at this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

On display are an outrageously light race frame that tips the scales at 720g and- get this-  an 1800g tandem.

One of the key elements of Bre Ruegamer’s low weight frames is her use of defense grade MS-40 mil-spec high-tech carbon fiber — the stuff typically reserved for spacecraft.  But she warns that some of these super light climbing bikes, or “Überlights,” don’t make the best bikes for riding down hill.  “It’s not that they’re noodly,”  she clarified, ” It’s more that they’re too whispy.  You can have the stiffest bike in the world, but if it’s too light, it just won’t handle well on a descent. There’s really a physical limit to how light a bike can be and still feel right.”

So for her customers, Ruegamer works to build each bike frame right at the edge of that physical limit to ensure maximum performance.  Still, this hasn’t stopped Ruegamer from creating climbing-specific bikes with frame weights as low as 550g.

Other standouts at the Ruegamer booth include their blended ti/carbon frame that features an innovative mix of these two high end materials and a mountain bike frame with stunningly unique cable routing.

Rue1Ruegamer Sports has been selling these creations since 2005, but Bre Ruegamer has a lifelong passion for bikes and has been experimenting with carbon fiber since 1997.  She’s even built a tandem that can easily make the transformation from gears to fixed gear.  By incorporating couplers into the frame and building two unique rear ends, the tandem can easily make the switch between road and track.

And Ruegamer’s innovation doesn’t stop with frames — more products are on the way, including Ruegamer’s full carbon crank set.  It will be about the same weight and price-point as other high end carbon cranks, but will allow the rider to micro-adjust crank arm length between 150 and 180mm.  This creates an entirely new dynamic in bike fit, and riders with different length legs will rejoice at the ability to perfectly dial-in each crank arm.

- Matt Shields

Photography:  Dave LaMay

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