Quiring Cycles – Rise of the Metals

Posted on 26. Feb, 2010 by Paul Skilbeck in 2010 News, Featured

QuiringAs with many framebuilders this year, Quiring is seeing a waxing of interest in both Ti and steel for frame materials, and a waning of enthusiasm for aluminum. Like the phases of the moon, material trends come and go.

“In the end,” says the first-year NAHBS exhibitor, “It’s best to build a quality product first and foremost, not become a specialist in any one material or a slave to fashion.”

For the record, Scott Quiring loves titanium and building his strong, durable bikes from this newly-rediscovered “wonder” material.

Mention titanium to many craftsman, indie framebuilders and they cower in fear. Even the venerable Eddy Merckx left the construction of his Ti frames to a certain American company in Tennessee that once held a virtual lock on the market.

Quiring Cycles may specialize in titanium, but like many full-custom framebuilders, they work with a wide-range of frame materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and carbon.

“It requires a fair amount of special equipment”, explains Quiring. “Good welding skills and a very clean environment for TIG welding.”

Quiring has been honing his skills with Ti and other materials for over ten years from his shop near Lansing, MI.  His roots as a framebuilder are deep and his interest in building bikes has spanned a lifetime.

Visit Quiring at: www.quiringcycles.net

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