Kirk Version 2.0

Kirk Version 2.0

Builder: Kirk Frameworks

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2010 is a year of change at Kirk Frameworks. A new look combined with new finishes and frame components makes a bike that is cleaner, lighter and simpler. The Triple F (Form Follows Function) rear dropouts are the first in a line of new components designed to be functional, simple and elegant. I feel the most functional designs are the most beautiful and the ones that will stand the test of time.

3 Responses to “Kirk Version 2.0”

  1. Kent Howard says:

    Looking forward to meeting the builder of my three Serotta bicycles. Is if possible to get to senior to desire a Terriplane?

  2. Dave Kirk says:

    If you are asking can one be too old to desire a Terraplane then I would say no. My dad rides his all summer and he’s in his late 70’s. That guy rocks.

    See you at the show.


  3. John lecuyer says:

    Just need a price on a frame paint job – one colour – a courioured style single gear grey GIANT I want frame matte yellow and new tape job in red

    how much would least – poor mans price be ?


    I’m in Toronto Queen/John area

    if I can afford I might love to exchange front wheel (brand new) for a white rim frame of other colour again if I can afford and if trade in helps – just curious



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