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Posted on 26. Feb, 2010 by Paul Skilbeck in 2010 News

Henry JamesDoes Made in the USA mean consistency anymore? If you ask Henry James it does. In fact, having all products designed and built here in the U.S., is exactly what yields consistency year on year.

This one-stop-shop provides all the ingredients for frame building, and whether you are a first time frame builder or haggard old timer, Henry James aka Hank, will happily put the time into your frame project.

Based out of Redondo Beach California, Hank, his wife Monika, daughter Angie and her husband, Chris Merill, is a family based outfit whose primary clients are small scale builders. Up until last year, all matters of business were handled by Hank and Monika.  Chris married into the family and is now handling the modernization of the company so that Hank can put more time into the R&D.

One of the goals from Chris’ perspective is to try to serve the current mentality of consumers who are accustomed to immediate gratification when purchasing via the internet.

Henry James sells investment cast steel lugs, bottom bracket shells, crowns and dropouts, in addition to being a distributor of True Temper Tubing. If you are just getting started, they can provide ample equipment necessary for frame work such as jigs and fixtures which are geared towards full custom work. And on the subject of custom work, Henry James is also the publisher for the Paterek manual which some consider the frame builders “Bible”.

- Tim Richardson


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