CED – Branching Bicycles

Posted on 28. Feb, 2010 by Paul Skilbeck in 2010 News

CEDThe top bar curves down like a wave and branches out with subtle swellings. The curves resemble a tree, the fuselage of a bird in flight, a dolphin arching through the water. You can tell that Edward Jones or “Cycle Ed”, CED for short, makes bicycles inspired by nature. He won’t even plan out a frame before he builds it. “I don’t work from any drawings,” he says, yet the product is strong and graceful.

Jones starts building a bike with the base and the angles, and goes from there. He sets up the basic structure, then goes for a walk in the woods. He looks at the trees, at the sky, at whatever is around him for inspiration. “Nature is the ultimate architect,” he says. Some osmosis of form must occur during these walks in the woods, for when Jones comes back to connect all the components you can tell just by looking at his finished frame that it is inspired.

At the show, the bike is set up on a stand of steel and wood. A wooden branch in the base seems connected to the bicycle like a magic wand organically sprouting into a bike frame.

But it’s not just about the bikes. “People are what’s most important,” he said. “This is my outreach to others. This is the media by which I reach other people.”

For more information, contact Edward Jones at CYCLEED@EARTHLINK.NET

- Erik Lokensgard

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  1. Kent Howard says:

    You forgot to comment on the great hubs that Cycleed builds and the Cycleed built hubs on this bike.

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