Bamboosero – Bamboo Heroes

Posted on 28. Feb, 2010 by Paul Skilbeck in 2010 News

BambooseraThe bamboo is a beautiful, dark hue. The bamboo tubes are immensely round and the bike doesn’t even protest.

It would be redundant to say that these bikes are organic, but besides being visually obviously made of bamboo, some of the bikes looked almost like they had vertebrae – particularly one of the bikes made in the Philippines by John Climaco for Bamboosero. The joints are svelte, and bamboo bikes today range from cargo bikes to competitive race-winners.

The goal of the Bamboosero is to provide livelihood for people in developing countries and to establish an ongoing business. Bamboo grows both in the Philippines, where John Climaco worked, and Ghana, where Suzanne worked. Suzanne heard about the bike project, and was extremely enthusiastic to draw it to her region.

- Erik Lokensgard

Photography:  Enrique Dominguez

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  1. Ana Guerrero says:

    The idea of bamboo bicycles is very intriguing. The picture is amazing!!!!!

  2. Bede says:

    Freddy great looking frame boy

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