Tektonics Design Group

Tektonics Design Group

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Tektonics Design Group is specialty design and fabrication firm located in Richmond Virginia.  We are comprised of architects, industrial designers, and fabricators, and provide a range of services that vary from single-source, turn-key fabrication and prototyping solutions to traditional architectural, interiors, and industrial design services.

Through this business model, we have created several offshoot companies that take advantage of our in house talent and resources.  Stijl Cycles and Caelifera are two such examples, both of which started as side projects fueled by our passion for cycling and have evolved into custom bicycle fabrication brands with market presence.

Both Caelifera and Stijl are focused on the creation of unique frames and components that are custom tailored to our client’s biomechanical and aesthetic preferences.  Having computer controlled machining equipment and parametric modeling software at our disposal, we create custom tubes, brackets, and dropouts which we integrate with traditional tubing to create our bikes.  Our bike geometries are all built to rider specification and are developed in tandem with our custom fitment bike that we collaboratively developed and built with 3sports of Richmond Virginia.

Our specific bicycle types have been driven solely by the desires of our clients and have ranged from mountain bikes to road bikes to trials bikes.  We have built frames for a wide range of cyclists including mountain and road bike enthusiasts, professional trials riders, and Cirque de Soleil performers.

Bikes by Tektonics Design Group

TRA’s Pro Model Mjöllnir Prototype Cirque du Soleil Trials Frame Ol’ Man Scratch