Peter Mooney Cycles / Wheelworks

Peter Mooney Cycles / Wheelworks

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Peter Mooney’s respect for the beauty and function of the bicycle frame goes back to the late 1960’s. He traveled to England in the early 1970’s and landed a job with a master of the trade. This “one man show” operated a small but complete bicycle/frame shop in south London.

This old world model of the “in house” frame builder as a component of a quality bike shop inspired Peter, (and like minded partners), to open the first Wheelworks store in 1977. Peter has enjoyed the position of building lugged steel frames under his own name ever since. 35 years on Peter still loves to ride his bike. Keeping up his mileage with commuting, (year round), an occasional cycle tour or time trial.

There are so many reasons to love bicycles. These range from their simple practicallity to object of art.
I’m proud that bikes have been, and continue to be such a huge part of my life.”

Look forward to seeing you in Richmond………………….Sincerely, Peter Mooney