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Mosaic Cycles proudly handcrafts bicycles one at a time in the beautiful foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Company founder Aaron Barcheck, former builder and welder of Dean Bicycles, aims to bring the cycling world the highest quality performance titanium and steel frames. Through outstanding craftsmanship, well thought-out geometry, perfect miters, precision welds, and flawless brazing, Aaron Barcheck and partner Nicholas Phillips have put together a product line that is a handcrafted work of art: a Mosaic Bicycle.

At Mosaic the belief is that a bicycle is more than just a tool; it is an extension of its rider. This belief drives a threefold philosophy that each bicycle must meet the needs of itsindividual rider’s body geometry, performance objectives, and personal aesthetics.  Using these three simple guidelines, Mosaic frame-builders are able to create frames that meet the needs, goals and desires of each individual customer on a very personal level.

Bikes by Mosaic Cycles

Mosaic Titanium Cross Mosaic Steel Cross Mosaic Titanium Road