Engin City Bike

Engin City Bike

Builder: Engin Cycles

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Winner “Best City/Utility Bicycle” at the Cirque du Cyclisme in Leesburg, VA.

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  1. Robert Mink says:

    Nice bike but not for this category. Derailleur system on a city bike requires a lot of maintenance, especially since the fenders lack a mud flap so grit will be propelled on the chain by the front tire. Where’s the lights? A chain guard could be handy for those who have a short commute and wear their street clothes. Make sure you put a shower cap under the brooks for instant protection. How about the new shimano 11 speed internal hub, a son generation with B&M lights, a leather mud flap to accent the brooks and maybe the belt drive for clean pants? That would be a real commuting bike worthy of a prize.

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