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CED is a one-man shop actively involved in multiple aspects of the cycling community.  I’ve been closely aligned with the cycling industry for over 40 years; beginning with my apprenticeship at the Keswick Cycle Co in Philadelphia in 1968 under Mr. Rich Norman. That experience also enabled me the opportunity to assist Fred Delong in some of the research for his book, Delong‚s Guide to Bicycles and Bicycling.

All of CED‚s custom fabrication work is entered into using client-supplied specifications and parameters but the actual build process can best be described as metamorphic.  In all projects, the final design is allowed to “become” rather than being confined to some preconceived concept of what “should be”.  There is no rush here.
The form of some ambient shape, such as the arch of a bird in glide or a damaged frame tube, may influence the final product as much as some cognitive expectation.

In addition to custom frame and component fabrication, CED provides all aspects of repair and event services, including: event sponsorship (CED is the co-founder of the annual 18-Hour Scouts Honor endurance mountain bike race), event development, and event mechanical support; off-road trail design and development; consultation for off-road mountain bike skill course clinics; and all-around cycling advocacy.

At CED, integration of form/function is key in all conceptual projects.  Intentional exclusion is willful slavery of the creative spirit.

Bikes by CED

Rogue Rage