Seminar Series

The NAHBS Seminar Series is your chance to learn the art and secrets of framebuilding. Some of the world’s best-known builders will cover all aspects of the process – from concept to delivery. Additional seminars will be added here as details are finalized.

Seminar Series passes are $150 and include a 3-day pass to NAHBS ($40 value).

Seminar Schedule:


Doriano DeRosa – “My life in the bicycle industry; Past, present and future” – 10:00 AM
Lora Van Dixhorn – “Insurance tips and trade secrets” -11:30 AM
Gary Prange – “So, you want to mount decals?” – 1:00 PM
Tom Kellogg - “Frame Finishing” - 2:30
Steve Garn – “Tig Welding for fun and profit” - 4:00 PM


Craig Calfee – “The Calfee Sizer fitting method” – 10:00 AM
Butch Boucher – “All things Titanium” – 11:45 AM
Nick Crumpton – “Carbon Fiber myths, facts and design” – 13:00
Dwan Shepard – “Tandem Frame Design” – 2:30 PM
Brent Curry – “BikeCad; an in depth look” – 4:00 PM


Carl Strong – “The Business of Framebuilding” – 9 AM – 11 AM (Added 11 more tickets due to popular demand)
Doriano DeRosa – “My life in the bicycle industry; Past, present and future” – 10:00 AM
Peter Mooney – “Lugs and what I know about them” – 12:00 PM
Jeff Bucholz – “So, you want to build bikes?” – 1:30 PM

The Calfee Sizer Fitting Method presented by Craig Calfee

Craig Calfee - Sizing SeminarLegendary designer and framebuilder Craig Calfee will demonstrate the Calfee Sizer fitting cycle, showing how it can speed up fitting sessions using any fitting method. Craig will show how this fitting cycle is particularly adept at satisfying those difficult to fit clients. Attendees will also learn Craig’s own fitting method developed in his 20 years of professional fitting experience.

The Business of Framebuilding presented by Carl Strong (Added 11 more tickets due to popular demand)

Carl Strong - The business of framebuildingYou’ve heard it a million times: “Don’t quit your day job.” Well, this seminar will Carl Strong covers the things a builder needs to know in order to run a successful frame building business so they can quit their day job. Building frames is only a small part of running a successful Framebuilding business. If you want to build frames for a living you have to be equally as good at running the day to day operations of a small business. As Framebuilding grows in popularity and more builders enter the fray it will become even more important that you follow sound, professional, ethical and effective business practices. Topics will range from start up strategy and business models to necessary skill-sets and specific areas of focus like organization, time management, accounting, marketing, sales and fulfillment.

  • The Business of Framebuilding is a standalone seminar. Tickets are $85 and do not include admission to the rest of the seminar series or the NAHBS exhibit hall.
  • Seating is very limited as this is smaller, classroom-style setting.

Carbon Fiber Myths, Facts, and Design presented by Nick Crumpton

Nick Crumpton - Carbon fiber designUsing anecdotal evidence and raw facts, Nick Crumpton will address some of the more popular myths associated with carbon fiber bicycles frames. Following that, a discussion and Q&A on design considerations specific to Tube-To-Tube Carbon Fiber bicycle frame construction

BikeCAD presented by Brent Curry

The Bicycle ForestBrent Curry, the developer of BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro, will walk through the main features of the program offering tips and tricks along the way. Whether you’re a frame builder shop owner or bike fit specialist, Brent will explain all that you need to know to get the most out of BikeCAD.

BikeCAD is constantly being updated. Come to this seminar to learn what new features are being planned and to suggest ideas of your own.

All Things Ti

The Bicycle Forest

Moots stalwart Butch Boucher will be giving a talk on all things titanium. From his “early” years working in steel Butch’s enthusiasm for the ride and feel of a well made frame under rider is what continues to drive him to be part of the Moots team of craftsmen. As the times changed his attention was drawn towards titanium to replace steel as his material of choice in frame construction. Butch has seen many changes over time with one thing remaining the same….ride quality and feel of man and machine working to achieve harmony.

Butch got his start in the bike industry in 1984 and over the years has been a crucial part of small handbuilt frame companies such as Co-Motion Cycles (co-founder 1987)and Moots (1996-present). He also has the distinction of attending UBI and Gary Helfrich’s first ever Ti frame building class (1992). From that point on he has worked in titanium exclusively and for the past 14 years has worked and held many titles for Moots.

Butch will be covering topics ranging from the history of titanium, including tubing alloys, improved machinery for manufacturing to modern methods of tube to tube construction and just why Moots is building solely in titanium. There will be time for questions from seminar attendees as well as some insight to what makes Moots tick from the inside.

Frame Finishing: Discussion of finishing materials, types of finishes, tricks of the trade, problems and advantages of various coating systems including wet paint, powder coating and plating.

TKTom Kellogg will offer a seminar on frame finishing practices.  He will give a general discussion of finishing materials, types of finishes, tricks of the trade, problems and advantages of various coating systems including wet paint, powder coating and plating.

Tom’s 34 years of frame building and finishing experience give him a broad range of experience in this area and he is well known for the quality of his finishing work on his own frames and in his refinishing work on others’ frames.

So you want to mount decals with Gary Prange, Screen Specialty Shop, Inc. / SSSink

GaryPrangeVarnish fix to Dry application … what can and will happen … a hands on workshop for builders and painters.

Screen Specialty Shop is proud to host a NAHBS Seminar for the second year. This year’s seminar will deal with the possibilities and pit falls of branding your frames. This will be a hands on seminar dealing with the mounting process of most types of decals that could be used in the branding of your frames. We will discuss both wet paint and powder.

LUGS, and what I know about them.

peter_mooneyPeter Mooney’s respect for the beauty and function of the bicycle frame goes back to the late 1960’s He traveled to England in the early 1970’s. Landed a job with a master of the trade, and has been producing lugged steel frames under his own name ever since.

I’ll discuss lug preparation, cutting and shaping prior to frame assembly

Tandem Frame Design

dwanfillet1Dwan Shepard, Co-Motion Cycles’ founder, will speak about the challenges of tandem frame design. Because tandem frame construction is relatively rare, Co-Motion makes its own fixtures and developed their framebuilding methodology themselves. Speaking from the perspective of a framebuilder, frame designer and wearer of many hats, Dwan will describe how appropriate frame materials can be acquired as well as how Co-Motion made the transition from using available materials to designing their own tube profiles specifically for their evolving tandem designs.

TIG Welding for fun and profit

americaniron1Steve Garn built his first bikes under the name SG Cycleworks in 1974 located in Lake Worth, FL. His shop built BMX frames and did frame/suspension modifications on motorcycles. He later changed the name to Blue Ridge Electric & Welding. Blue Ridge Electric & Welding is not the best name for a bicycle frame so it was changed to the acronym BREW and Steve acquired the nickname BREWdude. Steve has been TIG (GTAW, Heliarc) welding since 1974 and mainly specializes in 4130, also referred to as chrome-moly. He has been building customs fulltime since 1987 and also went into production of BMX frames for other companies building as many as 250 frames per week. Nowadays Steve still builds customs but his passion is with his welding and bicycle frame building classes he holds on a regular basis. He also writes tech articles for several motorcycle publications under the name Brew Dude. Steve will talk about welder selection, rod choices and will also answer questions. For more info on Steve check out his site

Doriano De Rosa – my life in the industry, past, present and future


Insurance Tips and Trade Secrets

Lora VanDixhorn, President ISU Insurance Services of Westlake

DSC00159Lora will share INSURANCE TIPS and TRADE IDEAS from her 30 year insurance career. She is a well known insurance expert within the bicycle industry, attending and speaking at nationwide events, including NAHBS, Interbike, San Diego Custom Bicycle Show, Segway Global Convention, and others.  She is licensed in all states of the US, accesses nearly all forms of insurance from 300 insurance companies,  and is supported by a professional staff of experts.

Discover how to purchase product liability insurance for a reasonable premium, how to structure your business to prevent losses, what discounts are available if you know to ask, how this insurance has changed in recent years, amusing yet thought-provoking claims other bike builders have endured, and more.  Lora’s discussion will include:

  • Product Liability
  • Fire and Theft Insurance
  • Vehicles
  • Import & Export via Ocean
  • Manufacturing in US vs Foreign
  • Directors & Officers Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Worker Compensation Insurance

Previous NAHBS attendees have enjoyed Lora’s lively presentation, with plenty of time for questions and answers. She will help you quickly assess your own company’s needs and how to find solutions.

So You Want to Build Bikes?

IMG_2960An informal group discussion with Jeff from Sputnik Tool for new and want to be bike builders to share info on a wide range of topics ranging from sourcing material, shop layout, various building techniques and methods and types of equipment needed.