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Stellina Sport/ALAN

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In 1972, Ludovico Falconi began making racing bicycle frames in Padova, Italy. A trained engineer, Falconi was the first framebuilder to use aerospace grade aluminum to build a frame. Some early models used threaded tubes that were bonded in place with epoxy, and the term “screwed and glued” was coined. Later, in 1976, Ludovico Falconi began working with carbon fiber and became the first builder to bond carbon and aluminum elements in frame construction. Today, Ludovico’s son, Alberto, continues the family tradition of handmade frames still in Padova, Italy.

In 2006, ALAN partnered with Chris and Sally Snead of Stellina Sport to bring the world renowned frames to the U.S. Since then, Alberto, Chris and Sally have been focusing on custom frames for road and cyclocross racing.

In 2009, using local graphics designers and artisans, Stellina Sport began offering a new line of frames including a 29er mountain bike that are still hand made in Italy, but with custom graphics and paint work done here in Richmond, Virginia.

Bikes by Stellina Sport/ALAN

Roland 5