Biggest International Contingent Yet for NAHBS

Posted on 08. Dec, 2009 by NAHBS in 2010 News, Featured

NAHBS has always been an international show, and 2010 is shaping up as no exception. 12 foreign companies have signed up already, and with a full three months remaining until show time, the Richmond NAHBS is already expecting a larger international contingent than last year in Indiana (11 companies), and ‘08 in Portland (10). Most pleased of all about this news is the show director and founder, Don Walker. “It’s a big undertaking to take bicycles across international borders, so this shows how much business these companies are getting from being at NAHBS,” he said.

Cherubim from NAHBS 2009

Cherubim from NAHBS 2009

Three Italian companies for the 2010 show are Zullo, Pegoretti and Columbus. The Canadian contingent comprises head-badge maker Suzanne Carlsen, NAHBS award-winning painter Velo Colour, and Bicycle Forest. CCP and Cherubim by Shin-ichi Konno return from Japan. Shin-ichi Konno won the Best Track Bike and Presidents Choice awards in the ‘09 show. For the first time, the show welcomes a builder from the Netherlands, Ton Berkhout’s Vittorio Fietsen. Llewellyn Custom Bicycles is coming from Australia, and returning British tube maker Reynolds Technology rounds out the current list of international exhibitors. We will keep you posted about additional foreign companies signing up.

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  1. Doug Rader says:

    I am glad to see that Vittorio Feitsen is coming. Please do whatever you can to get more companies that build serious expedition/loaded touring bikes. Santos (, Thorn, Tout Terrain, Fahrrad Manufaktur, and “” come to mind. I don’t know if all of them would meet your criteria for inclusion, but I am fairly certain that Santos is custom made only. Thorn offers factory and handmade bikes. The others don’t have English language websites, but they do offer what appear to be bomb proof expedition bikes. Perhaps you already know all of these companies. Also, it would be nice to see Robert Beckman and Bruce Gordon, but if their websites are any indication of the quality of their bikes and business, then I suspect they would not be ideal exhibitors. If you do get a fair number of expedition bike builders to participate, be sure to ask to publicize NAHBS, but only if you can serve their demographic well.
    By the way, I think the NAHBS are fabulous, but I am a potential buyer for rock solid expedition bikes only. I will be at 2010.
    If I can be of any assistance to you, feel free to call me in Ohio at 614-738-0868.

    Sincerely yours,

  2. Michael says:

    Doug, expand your horizons a little! We could use more of ALL kinds of bikes this year :]

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