1% Track with bad ass paint

1% Track with bad ass paint

Builder: Villin Cycleworks

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Translating a complex idea into a pleasant looking finished product can be one of the most challenging aspects of the frame building profession. Here, Alexis Dold, demonstrates his mastering of  this intricate technic with a five color, 14 step paint scheme on one of his 1% Track frames

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7 Responses to “1% Track with bad ass paint”

  1. Todd says:

    Your painting is getting Innssaaanneeee! Can’t wait to see yo new rides.

  2. I’ve never seen anything like this before? How much will it cost me?

  3. Alexis Dold says:

    Thank you Patrick,

    Depending on the colors between 4 and 5 hundred prior to shipping.


  4. Ridge says:

    Should have done it when you offered to build me one for the cost of the tubes, Lex. Oh well, live and learn! Wish I could come to that show!

  5. Alexis Dold says:

    Cost of the tubes my ass! I was never that cheep. I believe there was a six pack involved in the deal some wear:)
    Good to hear from you Ridge.


  6. ridge says:

    false advertising bastard! I am glad to see your framebuilding is reaching dizzying heights! So on that note, will you have the beer cooler trailer on display?? Seriously, your hand-worked hammered items are delightfully amazing. I haven’t seen a more attractive alternative to smooth lugs and fenders ever! I still have much respect for you as a craftsman and still tell the story of nightriding the Powerlines with headlamp turned off…

  7. Alix Robinson says:

    Drool! I cannot wait to see your goods at the show!

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