Villin Cycle Works

Villin Cycle Works

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Villin Cycle Works started in 2001. Then, president and CEO Alexis Dold was forced to toil at obscure Caribbean beach bars spending freely and experimenting with local sunscreens.

In tackling the logistical nightmare of keeping his patio bar thoroughly stocked, Dold turned to a local of questionable upbringing. He playfully referred to himself as Casey.

When Casey wasn’t attempting to work on his flaccid marine vessel, he spent his time dickin around with his pet dog and misquoting the Boomer Bible. Dold and Casey soon became close confidants.

Late that summer, rumors of Casey’s previous life as a top 40 DJ began to surface. Ashamed, Casey and his mutt soon disappeared leaving Dold to ponder his next move.

Confronted with the unfortunate news that the position of  Queen’s Royal Launderer had been filled, Dold quickly decided that learning how to build and paint bicycle frames was the only sensible thing to do. In early 2008 Dold was Joined by his long time friend Giuseppe Marchionno (also of questionable upbringing)…

Bikes by Villin Cycle Works

1% Track with bad ass paint Katana SS Thickit SS Raw Bone The Bone