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“One at a time, from start to finish”

This is my 17th year as a framebuilder in Bozeman MT and I love it more than ever. Over the years I grew my business because I thought I was supposed to. At one time along with a small staff we were building nearly 1000 frames a year, some Strong Frames but the majority were other brands. At one point I even had a small bike shop. It all happened so slowly I didn’t even notice it but my days were being spent more in the office and less at the bench.

In 2004, my wife Loretta and I decided to do something pretty dramatic. We closed the retail shop, stopped doing contract work and started focusing all our attention on Strong Frames. We’re lucky we got the experience of running our business other ways, we learned a lot. We also have a much better understanding of who we are and what we have to offer. We have come full circle and are focused on our core values; attention to the individual, incredible customer service and producing a top quality product. Now we offer the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship we learned building thousands of high-end frames at a personal level.

Bikes by Strong Frames

Strong Custom Blend Steel Strong Titanium Road with Couplers Strong Extralite Steel Strong Frames Titanium Road Strong Frames Butted Ti Road Strong Frames Titanium Road Bike Strong Frames Extralite Steel Strong Frames Titanium MTB Strong Frames Custom Blend Steel Cross/Dirt Road