650B Belt Drive Bomber

650B Belt Drive Bomber

Builder: Groovy Cycleworks

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Beyond the tall grasses and tattered barbed wire fence sat a fuselage of a an old WW2 bomber plane.  It’s once striking rivet strewn shell now dripping with rust stains, vivid colors faded in the sun’s rays, yet still commanding an air of respect from those that gazed upon it.  I wanted to create a bicycle that took me back to those days of yearning to jump the fence and sit within that planes cockpit. 

This steel bike blends today’s technology with a finish reminicent of the old Kings of the sky.  A Gates Carbon belt drive provides silent operation.  The belt is passed through the chainstay by a SS coupler, creating a pathway that  is functional, elegant, and increases the strength of the frame member.  A painted to match White Brothers fork, is directed by a custom Luv Handle bar, lending control to the front end while the larger 650b wheels soak up the terrain.

Watch out single track, this bomber is ready to make a run.

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