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YiPsan Bicycles was conceived by Renold Yip to continuing the craft of framebuilding by single person workshop. YiPsan’s goal is to integrate modern fitting concept, frame tubing and components with traditional building skills. YiPsan bicycles are built by hand one at a time and every bicycle is unique.

Fit, ride quality and design for application are at the heart of YiPsan Bicycles. The more specific your requirements are the better the design will be. Your experience and input along the design and build process is also very important.

Renold, the sole worker of YiPsan, was raised in Hong Kong, China., obtained his bachelor of engineering in the UK and immigrated to the US since 2002. Since then, he has been working at local bike shops, building bicycles, certified as a fit specialist and enjoying living in the east coast, west coast and the rockies.

Bikes by Yipsan Bicycles

650B All Road YiPsan 650b mountain YiPsan Rando Tom’s Commuter Firecracker fixed gear