Richard Sachs talks PegoRichie tubing

Posted on 14. Jul, 2009 by NAHBS in 2010 News

We received this note today from our Original 6 exhibitors, Richard Sachs:

I am now importing and distributing PegoRichie (aka Spirit For Lugs) tubing from Columbus. For those not in the know, this material set was co-invented by Dario Pegoretti and myself way back in late 2004 and entered the market about a year later. We each shared the concern that our material of choice, steel, had not evolved with the times, and that all small frame builders were living off the old inventories and dead stocks of our suppliers. For most of the 90s through to Y2K the only changes made for ferrous lovers was in the form of pipes made for high volume users, most all of whom were using TIG welding or other industrial methods. For the artisan shops who were making frames to order and for whom the ideal was the perfect frame, time clocks and model years be damned, it was a stale era.

PegoRichie Tubing

What Dario and I imagined was a new set of tubes, made specifically for frame builders who chose lugged construction, and for whom employing vintage parts and sizes was not an option. We wanted a cutting edge set of pipes that would allow any of us to make a 21st century frame set that felt modern and looked modern. PegoRichie tubing is just that.

Using niobium steel, Columbus has engineered each pipe, all butt variations, and every gauge selection to optimize the material and allow us to produce low weight steel frames in OS dimensions that are as modern and up to date as possible. I have used nothing but PegoRichie tubing for the past 3 years, and all of the frames used by the RS ‘Cross Team have also been made with it. Though some may feel that the clock has ticked away and steel is a dated material, I feel 180 degrees differently. For industrial made goods and items made by large staffs of clock punchers, or for bicycles made down to a price as well as to a lower quality, nonferrous materials have a place. In the production environment we may never see steel having the market share it once had. But if you are an independent frame builder who lives in the present and for whom the term cutting edge has meaning, and – most importantly, are of the mindset that lugged joints mean better, not older, then PegoRichie tubing should be on your radar.

I have made a post or three about the material and that I am now an agent for it, and this link takes you to it.  If you have any questions about the tube sets, costs, terms of business, etc., please reply to this or call me up on the telephone. Many thanks for reading.

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    i luv my bike!!!!


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