Igleheart Custom Frames

Igleheart Custom Frames

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Christopher Igleheart has over 30 years of experience in the bicycle trade, and has worked with many different builders all over the US. Settling his shop on the North Shore in Massachusetts has allowed Christopher the time to dedicate himself to the task of crafting fine bicycles with the care, consideration and utmost attention to detail they deserve. Fit, fitness level, component choice and application are all factored into the custom process to deliver a machine tuned for the individual.

Working with tig welding and steel allows for an excellent blend of ride quality, strength and longevity in material as well as choice in tubing shape, diameter and wall thickness. This ensures the proper frame for each particular individual. Selecting from the best Columbus, Reynolds, True Temper and Dedacciai tubes allows Christopher many options to realize your
dream machine.

No type of bicycle is out of the question whether a road, cyclo cross, mountain, track, rough stuff, touring or city. Specialties are cyclo cross frames and forks, rigid-frame “twenty niners”, single speeds and bicycles built around the incomparable Rohloff Speedhub.

Contact Christopher and he will gladly create your ticket to adventure.