Bicycles Built for Two … at least …

Posted on 01. Mar, 2009 by NAHBS in 2009 News

Just drifting around the NAHBShow, you can’t help but be amazed at the variety of bicycles on show, but nothing suggests togetherness more than a tandem. And this show has some beautiful examples of togetherness, even a tandem which will fit into two – admittedly largish – suitcases. Anyway, find images here.

As you might expect, handmade bicycles incorporate design details and craftsman signatures which delight and amaze. I’ve put together some examples which I just picked out of thin air as I make a hasty circuit of the show. Every single bike should be in this section … every single one. Find images here.

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  1. TripleGem says:

    Can you post the winners for the 2009 Hall of Fame?

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