Vicious Homes in on 650B

Posted on 28. Feb, 2009 by NAHBS in 2009 News

Although their top seller is a 29” wheel single speed mountain bike, Vicious is investing in the resurgent 650B wheel standard, made popular by the retrodriven interest in old-style city bikes.

“We’re hearing about a lot of interest in this wheel size, and for us it’s exciting to have something in between a 26” and a 29” wheel. It has the acceleration of a smaller wheel, and the smooth rolling of a larger wheel. Also, it gives us a lot more versatility in getting the fit just right,” explained Patrick Giltiam, a machinist for Vicious Cycles.

The 650B standard is popular as well with randonneuring riders and touring cyclists, said Giltiam.

Paul Skilbeck

3 Responses to “Vicious Homes in on 650B”

  1. GenghisKhan says:

    I’ts amazing all the different wheel size options for riding off road these days. I’ve not seen a 650B off road wheel, but might have to check it out. By chance, is it compatible with either 26″ or 29″ brake posts?


  2. Cracked Headtube says:

    Genghis, come check out my BLOG, A site dedicated to 650B and all its news! The 26″ post can reach 650B rims with the use of a v-brake with more than normal adjustment, like the FMF Powermoto brake kit. Or the Paul Moto-Lite.

  3. GenghisKhan says:

    Cracked–thanks for the direction! I’ll have to read up on it!


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